Sunday, August 29, 2010

What’s Good Enough for Goldilocks?

There’s a “Goldilocks Principle” as Dr. John Sorflaten describes at Human Factors International.

Goldilocks went into the three bears’ home and tested their chairs, beds and porridge, until she found what for her was “just right” (or so the fairytale goes).

His article Using the Goldilocks Principle to get design "just right" fits in very neatly with the theme of this “leave good enough alone” blog.

Go take a read of it, and find out how to apply the Goldilocks Principle to design.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

When is something good enough to be successful?

Always on thee lookout for a new slant on the “good enough” theme of this particular blog of mine, I was happy to come across an article by one “Mr. Ports” (somebody who, like myself, obviously harbours good sentiments towards IBM Lotus Notes and related software).

Mr. Ports asks:

“So how did they miss real game changers like television, mobile phones, personal computers and of course our old friend the Internet?”

Find out by docking your ship at Why better isn't always best which, I suppose, could be rephrased as “Why the best isn’t always good enough” or “The best man doesn’t always win” or similar.

Friday, January 08, 2010

“Good Enough” -- restated as “Worse is Better”

Perfection is an admirable aim. but in most situations unachievable.

Hence in this weblog I talk about the pros and cons of the “good enough” approach. Don’t have the chance to write much here, unfortunately, but just stumbled across an article that has a new slant on this broad concept.

Richard Gabriel writes about The Rise of “Worse is Better.”

Even though it discusses software design and development I suspect that it applies to lots of other creative fields outside computing.

So I’d encourage you to take a look at Richard’s exposition and carefully ponder its implications for whatever field you’re in.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Guru Stu's views on "good enough" being good enough

From tracking hits to this blog, I just cam across "Guru Stu" (who is Stuart Lee Rosen) and his web site

Stu has written, in When "Good Enough" Really is Good Enough...

We are bombarded on a daily basis with perfection. "Get the perrrr-fect career, the perrrr-fact car, the perrrr-fect body"… to the point of paralysis. We get it into our heads that since we'll never be good enough, why should we even try?

Yet think of it this way... if everyone ELSE is thinking this and doing NOTHING, then you just have to do SOMETHING to move ahead. To do that, you just have to realize that good enough really is good enough.

Go there and read Stu's five reasons why he thinks "good enough" really is good enough.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Usability is No Longer Enough

Dr. Eric Schaffer, the founder and CEO of Human Factors International, has just started a blog with the above title.

The sub-title of his blog states: "We're nearing the end of the time when usability is a key differentiator. Websites must now be designed for Persuasion, Emotion, & Trust (PET) in order to stay ahead."

His first blog posting dated 12 September 2008 is: Why usability is no longer enough: the need to design for Persuasion, Emotion, & Trust (PET) where he goes on:

Whether a website is e-commerce, informational, or transactional, its mandate is to establish deeper relationships with customers. Understanding how and why people make online decisions that lead to conversion, and the subtle motivators and emotional triggers that influence how they react to website messages and content, is vital to maximizing the success of a site.

Hmmm. Plain old design for usability now is not "good enough" is it? ... Was it ever?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

When is information security good enough?

Jaikumar Vijayan in a Computerworld article asks: How secure is secure enough? which of course is a question that fits in well with the theme of this "good enough" blog.

Describing the answer to the question as the Holy Grail of the information security industry. "... by adopting the right approaches, it is possible to arrive at a better answer than some might expect" he goes on to say.

He then lays out five steps to help you determine whether your company is secure enough. Go read his advice, here.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Cloud Computing -- When will it be Good Enough?

On the same general "good enough" theme as this blog, over at iTWire I've just submitted a relevant article that you should read:

Cloud Computing -- When will it be Good Enough? ...
Should we already be thinking about leaving all our desktop system cares and woes behind and take supposed advantage of what cloud computing is tempting us with?